Friday, July 9, 2010

Mixology DJ Academy Penang Branch

In the midst of all the wedding craziness, I was also involved in Fuzz's penang DJ school opening. We had to travel back and forth from kl to penang for a few times just to complete the job. Nonetheless it was worth it. I had to juggle between Suraya's wedding and Far's wedding and bridal shower plus the school's opening. So that's explains the late entries. The school turned out great. It's in Perangin Mall next to Komtar. I was involved in most of the planning and fixing and decorating the place up. So far it's been great and 8 people have signed up.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

AIM 17

  • May was AIM month. Fuzz had 6 nominations and won 2 categories. I was the proudest wife ever!

Najwa and Eric came to support.

This is Fuzz's first Suit. Made it in Bangkok in 24 hrs

Im sooooo proud of u sayang... keep up the good work. tahun depan menang lagi.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


On the 22nd of march we went to Krabi for our 2nd honeymoon. Fuzz decided to go for a vacation since he got a little extra cash to spend, plus he's been wanting to go somewhere and relax. At first we wanted to go to Bangkok again but then going to Bangkok is not a vacation to us anymore. It's strictly business. Pure hard core extreme shopping. that's what Bangkok is to us. So we decided to go somewhere we've never been to. Krabi that is.

that's our hotel. it's a boutique hotel in Ao Nang town. it's called Aree Tara. we booked a really cool room. our room has a direct access to the pool from our deck. If u open the sliding doors u could jump right into the pool. Cool kan?

after checking in, we went strolling at Ao Nang beach. We watched the sunset. it was beautiful and romantic...

i later we went to a restaurant by the beach to have some desert.

we ordered this amazing banana fritters with ice cream. gosh it was heaven!

after dinner we went for a swim. it was great coz there were nobody there so we had the pool all by ourselves.

the next morning we went for a trip to the famous phi phi islands.

it took 45 mins to reach maya bay, our first stop by speed boat. when we got there we were totally amazed by the beauty of the place. we got excited and took a lot of pictures until we lost track of time.

at Maya bay our first stop of the day


Open sea snorkeling

this was at Maya bay. the location for "The Beach" film.

After lunch at phi phi don island, we went exploring the small town. What else to do than shopping?

Me admiring the view at phi phi don

Apparently u can go anywhere from krabi, beijing, dubai, mexico city...

Getting ready to snorkel in the open sea.

Dinner at Sala Bua. It's a restaurant by the beach at Ao Nang. We had the best dinner there. the grilled prawns and Tom yam was YUMMY!

The seafood corner at Sala Bua restautrant. Check out the tiger prawns. its huge!

We went shopping at Ao Nang town we found this gallery nearby our hotel and they have this cool painting of an ape wearing a headphone. So we thought it would be soo cool if we put that painting in Fuzz's DJ room at home. So we bought it.

On the third day we decided not to go for any trips but just hang around and chill. So we went free and easy. After lunch we went back to the room to do some yoga. No lah, just kidding. we just watch tv n chill. That's just me fooling around on the bed. I was bored.

We booked a spa treatment in the comfort of our own room. after the relaxing private massage in our room, we took a nap till it was time to watch the sunset again.

on the last night we were there, we took a sunset stroll again. this time we manage to catch the sun before it sets. It didn't take long for it to disappear. when i took out my camera the sun was still there but when i pressed the shutter it wasn't fast enough to catch it.

this cute little monkey we found at Ao Nang area. She's just adorable and smell like apple.

posing in front of the hotel. it was kinda sad to leave but hey, nak buat camne? u have to go back sometime jugak kan?

Becoming 27

I forgot to blog about the month of February. On 2nd Feb, Kimmy gave birth again to her second set of 5 kittens. They're all white, gray and black. They are just adorable and soft at first, till they grew a little and started jumping on everything and tearing the house apart... god, they look like gremlins when they do that. But they're still my little meowies...

February is also my birthday month. So for my 27th birthday Fuzz was so generous and sweet that he gave me not 1 but 2 designer handbags. The first one is an Electric yellow nylon handbag from Marc by marc jacobs which I chose myself and the other is a beige coach zoe bag which Yaniz (Fuzz's manager) bought while on a trip to US. Fuzz asked Yaniz to buy me a bag from the states since its much cheaper there. I love both bags to bits.

electric yellow nylon bag. marc by marc jacobs

Coach zoe bag. Mine is off white and not black. I couldn't find a picture of the white one.

And for valentines day, Fuzz gave me a new watch. And its purple! my favourite colour.

BCBG Maxazria purple satin bow strap watch. Isn't it cute?

I adore all my pressies. Thanks yang for all the lovely pressents. thanks for loving me that much. I love You sayang.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alia's Wedding

Alia is a dear friend of mine. We've know each other since standard 3. Recently she just got married to the guy she met when we were in form 3. She finally married Ujang after so many years dating. I was there when they met and I also were one of the witnesses who saw how it all started... their wedding were held at our hometown TTDI and it surely is one of my favourite memories.

Alia look soo pretty and demure on her wedding night.

These girls are my best girls since primary school. From left: Alia, Ida, Intan, Far and me.

here's a video i took on her akad nikah. This video is specially made for the couple.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding Planning

Currently I'm planning my 2 best friends wedding, Farah and Suraya. Far is getting married on the 4th of June 2010 while Suraya on the 30th of May 2010. Well im not really their official wedding planner, I'm just helping out with most of the planning and shopping and surveying and making of the whole wedding stuff since both of them are busy with office work. Far had planned her wedding a year before so we had tonnes of meetings and shopping done but in Suraya's case, she decided to get married 2 months after she got engaged! so that's why she needs all the help she can get. For now we're still at surveying stage with sue's wedding. but for far's wedding, she has already done most of the surveying, booking, shopping and fittings. It's much less stressful than Sue's wedding. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying every minute of it. But since I have many friends who just got married or getting married, we are sharing contacts and knowledge about planning a wedding.

this was when we went to Jakel to find material for Far's attire for her reception. She chose canary yellow chiffon and satin.

we went to a florist in Pandan Jaya. They have such beautiful flowers. we went craaaazy...

that's far in the freezer room where they keep all the flowers.

we also went to SSF sungai buloh to look for ornaments and ribbons to make her hantaran. Oh yeah, far asked me to make her hantaran.

So we went back and made a mock up hantaran from the materials we bought from SSF and Ikea. She wanted a masculine look for her hantaran so we go for the colour black, white and silver.

In the midst of all the planning chaos, I managed to plan a bridal shower for my other friend Alia who got married last march. I planned a spa party for her and also for the rest of us. We went to Spa Khareyana PJ. We got a really great deal for our treatments. Look at the room we got... its equipped with a shower and bath tub for treatments that include baths. I personally think that they gave the best balinese massage ever.

that's Alia. She got a private room all for herself. We gave her the total head to toe pampering. From massage and facial to scrub to steam and bath all in one.

I like this pose so much I tend to do it whenever i see a pond or a pool.

All of us tryna fit in the picture. Posing in front of the treatment rooms. After the spa, we went to Delicious for tummy pampering. I suggested that we have a tea party but since everyone is famished,we skipped the scones and sandwiches and went for pasta instead. The planning job is far from done. This is what we have come to so far and I'm sort of in love with this job. maybe I should consider doing this for a career.... hmmmm....